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Renowned for crafting the inimitable, Feelwell Garments and Accessories strives for perfection and beauty.

Our quest to emblazon India’s rich cultural heritage of hand embroidery began in Mumbai in 2010. At Feelwell Garments and Accessories, generations of art connoisseurs as well as stalwarts and upholders of handmade craftsmanship have each been entrusted with the singular goal of guarding the magic of Artisans throughout generations to come.

We strongly believe in the harmonious marriage between cultural tradition and contemporary change.  By working closely with global fashion labels, we seamlessly merge their modernist styles with our customary artisanal skill and talent, creating one of a kind wearable art.

Over the years, we have been whet with expertise from the finest designers of New York, Paris, Milan and London. These ambassadors of quality and perfection, have enabled us to elevate our standards of craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities.

Our current generation of Artisans has trained extensively with pioneers of their respective fields in Europe’s leading fashion houses and is equipped with the skills required to provide customers with products imbued with unparalleled finesse.

Our quest to emblazon India’s rich cultural heritage of hand embroidery began in Mumbai in 2010.


The creators at Feelwell are fearless risk takers, embracing the unknown armed with their inherent talent and expertise. They are encouraged to explore the contemporary and modern while maintaining their inherited cultural techniques.

FeelWell is successfully led by Directors Mohan and Raju Gurnani, also renowned as the owners of Moraj Infrastructure Private Limited, one of the leadig pioneers in the development of New Mumbai.

A close-knit team of 70 full time employees and 200 proficient embroiderers work tirelessly to convert our clients’ dreams and visions into inspired reality.

Each valued member of our diverse team of Artisans is entrepreneurial in their pursuits, providing a dynamic playground for art and creation.

Creating Luxury

We produce timeless pieces through perfected mastery, acute attention to detail and arresting precision. The production of luxury demands noteworthy expertise and the willingness to invest in time and dexterity. Luxury in its most elegant and authentic form is driven by passion and a desire in intricacy and complexity, values that are championed at Feelwell.

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